Time Limb : The Art of Oli Goldsmith

About the Book

The release of this book marks a milestone for me in terms of personal growth in my artistic practice since I began dabbling with Photoshop and a paintbrush - in equal measure - a little more than a decade ago. 
Note: Ahem, that would be a little more than two decades ago at this point... :-) oh that pesky time, still venturing in time, perched on a twig and yet wanted to share this as a good summary and presentation of where my work was at circa 2008.


Oli’s Goldsmith’s modern-day ‘combines’ merge advanced digital output and transfer processes with paint, ink and other traditional media.

He eagerly experiments with varied techniques – often combining old with the new and creating new hybrid forms in the process. Crisp digital line art, found and sampled photography, iconography and text, invented catch-phrases, drawings and poetic ramblings layer with expressive painting and drawing to create a distinctly rich, colourful and energetic style.


May 31, 2008


Oli Goldsmith Fine Art & Artificial Artifice Company


Chief Curator, Master of Layouts and Digital Deployer of Volume of Art Pics of Select Art Pieces Made by Oli Goldsmith


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