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BOND of Sacred Golden Trunks Escrow Edition
Oli Goldsmith presents an I + I promissory note to self >> Dressed for deception in an ARTWORK Suit

original fineart in the authentic ilooli tradition by oligoldsmith in partnership with Oli Goldsmith

Notably the bespoke "Art-Suit" is tailor made to ensure a comfortable agreement by incorporating novel HauteCouture Fashion Forward materials

such as wood, genuine Epson p800 pigmentink (of course I had to end up with the one model to defeat generic ink carts forgoing 80% savings... doh), acrylic paintmarker and even paper - while groundbreaking if that were all, the 'special sauce' exclusive to the House of PseudoFAUX is the true Marmalade of Myth here.

Trusted sources suggest the patented signature blend Polycarbonate like ©ChemiSynthstrate

Widely recognized as a true marvel of the "transmutation-based fashion movement" whose aim is akin to breathing creative life into all manner of corpse.

Novel flora and fauna typically provide the macabre precursor - the gossip among those in the know are on the record claiming condensed dinosaur blended with a potpourri of carbonized lifeform (no more than 5% Sea Monkey filler guaranteed.

Achieving such purity in dead dino transmutation utilizes complex alchemy and is quite literally aged in organic casing for many millions of years in the Earth's own private cellar - such patience combines with occult technology to impressive effect!

converting concentrated dead dinosaurs into an atypical and non-edible holographic surface shimmering some say with the remnant sentient light of an estimated 200 thousand Brontosaurus souls)

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