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To reach me please feel free to get in touch! 

I will do my best to reply quickly - to answer any questions, help you purchase my artwork, consider partnering in creative ways, discuss exhibition opportunities whether via the virtually real internet thing or of course via the really virtual reality type of ways (ie. gallery showings, representation in old fashioned ways like museums and auctions :-) or setting up studio visits to see work in person). 

These types of things may be examples of why you should pick up this form and press some typing words without delay!

Pre-Recording Simulated Answering Machine:

I'll try to reply ASAP but often am juggling more things than I should reasonably be so if you don't hear back I'm either currently abducted by Aliens, possibly distracted while obsessively in the midst of a compulsive flurry of making art to exclusion of all else... I notice sometimes that doing the thing of Artist that I am indeed lends some unpredictably odd and occassionally annoying to those who wish to find normal styles of doings and behaviour where alas there is none to be found. Seems to be part and parcel - but don't let that put you off! You should try to reach me if not heard back via other options such as will be added here shortly.

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