Elysium Tax

Elysium Tax
by Oli Goldsmith, 2016

SOLD - 42"x42"
mixed media layered with acrylic and resin depth.

this piece used archival giclee behind acrylic (popular option with art print services and a very nice one - just to note there are 2 variations one cheaper dye sub direct to the acrylic that isn't what you want - better method for quality artworks - such as bumblejax offer - does proper giclee pigment ink etc. set under / sanwiched between backing and in this case 1/4 inch uv acrylic sheet providing depth and bit of a vibrancy boost)

this piece though takes that acrylic print and additionally with artresin (art epoxy stuff) to lay down many elements including many dietcut custom elements, computer driven pen-on-transparency diagram bits and acrylic paint marker hand-drawn enhancements).

Basically the same process as most of the others from my last major show 'Maybe It's Jargon' - but using the resin layers on top of acrylic sheet extends the depth further so more noticeable 3d / parallax effect is achieved (hard to illustrate here - though pics below ... w/ my dog Dorothy :) and in messy work area - yes i'm a mess but the art is a good excuse I hope!)




Oli Goldsmith