24" x 60"  Oli Goldsmith Original Artwork - Wood Panel, Ready to Hang - AVAILABLE

Many Layers ArtResin Coatings, 3D Depth / Parallax Effects Achieved Via Manual Application of Mixed Media Types Embedded between resin depth coats.

MixedMedia: Acrylic, PaintMarker, Digital Pigment Inkjet on Resin-based transparency, Iridescent and Holographic Die-Cut Vinyl (vector detailing converted from my drawings, writing, symbols, etc) and other fancy Synthetic and traditional grounds.  Elements are permanently fixed at varying depths in clear resin - together with extensive use of paints & specialty light-reflective surfaces - works are very dynamic and responsive to changing lighting conditions. 

I recommend experimenting with hanging location where some daylight and/or mix of interior lighting allows for sense of subtle shifts in the work to the environment it is in ongoing.